do not feel lonely,
the whole universe is inside you.

STARS are not small or gentle. they are WRITHING and DYING and BURNING. they are NOT here to be pretty. i am trying to LEARN from them. —caitlyn siehl, “sky poem”

i. Dream in the Dark by A Fine Frenzy
ii. You Are the Moon by a Hush Sound
iii. Comforting Sounds by Birdy
iv. Chandeliers by Sleeping at Last
v. All Those Pretty Lights by Andrew Belle
vi. Saturn by Sleeping at Last
vii. Sun by Two Door Cinema Club
viii. Oh My Stars by Andrew Belle
ix. Never Look Away by Vienna Teng
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remember that your body is made of stardust, atoms from the depths of the seas and the surface of the moon. you’re full of beauty and you are important.
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